At Think Development Systems, we believe in developing synergies in a long-term relationship with our partners and prosperity for both. We are based in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta, and incorporated to do business in the State of Georgia. With its feet firmly in Georgia, Think Development Systems has grown to be a well-known, total solution provider for partnerships that spread across North America and Asia. Metro Atlanta is our home and headquarters, from where we direct our global operations, along with offices overseas.

We realize, at Think Development Systems, that our growth is intrinsically and intricately linked to the development of our partner. We design, build and deploy enterprise resources for a wide range of business needs and government concerns, and create cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Our partner's objectives and constraints are accorded the highest priorities in delivering top-drawer products and services, while adhering to timelines, in addition to being cost-effective. We don't just say 'Cost- Efficient' - we mean it.

Think Development Systems specializes in Data Visualization, Custom Software Applications, Data Archiving, Data Warehousing and Data Architecture, Project Management, Computer Network Solutions, to name just a few. Importantly, what sets us apart in the IT Industry is our range of proprietary products, especially supply chain management product offerings. Since the company's inception as a Staff Augmentation and Services provider, TDS has made significant advancements in the IT industry to provide Service Oriented Architecture to numerous industries.

Appreciated for their innovation, their high rate of success has been attributed to the greater layers of security they offer, and facilitating viable and successful management processes for companies and their products.

A beneficiary of the enormous opportunities offered by the Southeastern hub of the United States to the world, Think Development Systems has emerged as a shining example of metro Atlanta’s dynamism and potential for growth. We are a minority-owned business, as well as a women-owned, recognized by the Georgia Minority Suppliers Development Council (GMSDC) – the regional chapter of National Minority Suppliers Development Council (NMSDC). The City of Atlanta has certified us as an Asian Business Enterprise and a Female Business Enterprise in city EBO program.

We recognize the critical importance of security issues in the current environment, as well as the significance of cost-efficiencies without compromising quality. At Think Development Systems, our first and overriding objective is to provide top-quality solutions and services. In times such as these, there is a premium on cutting costs and effecting economies, we firmly believe that the value of the product or the service has to be of paramount importance. However, it is a tribute to our tireless pursuit of achieving cost-efficiencies that we never had to effect compromises in ensuring the highest technological standards while controlling costs at the same time. We are proud to say that we have successfully abided by our core values of commitment and partnership, while delivering cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Our growing clientele (we prefer to call them partners) is a glowing testimony of our successful business model.