We offer support throughout the entire recruiting process. If you are the consultant, we search for opportunities that will utilize your technical talent, thus helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. If you are the organization seeking highly talented IT professionals for short and long term projects, our recruiters will go far and beyond to find the resource to help you accomplish your corporate goal.

Once hired, our staff keeps in contact with the client and consultant to ensure satisfaction at all levels during the entire project.

Why Do Employers Partner With Think Staffing Team?

Dear Employer or HR Professional,

If you've had enough sorting through an ocean of unqualified candidates you find on the job boards or you are simply tired of the typical, traditional search model of "overprice and under deliver".

You must read on

We all wish we had better, more talented employees. Our jobs would be much easier and we would be far more efficient. But what is the cost? To date it has been as ridiculous as 30% of the new employee’s 1st year income. What are you getting? Is it worth the price? A more valuable loss is your time.

We at TDS decided there had to be a better, more effective, and lower priced model. We started with a question; “How do you become the largest and most successful employee search firm in the South East Region answer seemed too simple

"Stand behind your work, performance and pricing that cannot be duplicated in the marketplace."

So we built our entire system around this promise.

But you won't find better rates

We'll do all the work. we'll prescreen and interview all candidates and schedule all the interviews We always maintain the most reasonable rates in the industry. So if you want to see a better return on your outsourced recruiting dollars, contact us today and we'll get you started. or call us at (770) 723-7777 today and experience the TDS Staffing difference.