Financial Sector

TDS consulting group provides a world class, enterprise wide, Information Technology Service. As an example, customers may have legacy main frame systems. TDS can provide professional services helping them devise such a comprehensive IT strategy. We assess the state of technology, infrastructure and automation in different sectors, identify and prioritize key problem areas and define opportunities for providing IT solutions. Most importantly, we make every effort to preserve and build on available strengths, protect current investments in assets, technology and work practices.

We offer a complete assistance package in adopting technologies for decision support, with flexibility and capability to act or react at the requisite speed and generate valuable analytical insights. We help Financial Institutions in defining Business Intelligence strategies, requirement analysis, development, implementation plan and implementation of solutions.

These customer-specific, technology delivery models may include the following major application structures.


TDS combines industry solutions with deep domain knowledge and expertise to enable banks to improve services, customer satisfaction, and bottom lines. Our three-dimensional service offering model, addresses customer needs holistically.

Our competencies in Banking include application development, maintenance, and support, as well as packaged / customized application implementation and deployment. We also provide enterprise solutions through consulting, data warehousing and business intelligence, ERPthe full range of solutions for institutions across all business channels.

Consumer Banking
  • Teller Applications Loans & Deposits
  • Card products
  • Remittance services (collections and payments)
  • Private Banking
Corporate Banking
  • Loans and Deposits
  • Cash Management Services (collections and payments)
  • Advisory Services
Investment Banking /Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Securities Trading
  • Portfolio Management
  • Custodial Services Derivatives
  • Trading and Processing
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Trade Finance
  • Correspondent Banking
  • Money Market
Data warehousing & CRM
  • Financial warehouses
  • Management Information Systems
  • CRM functionality
Capital Market
  • Depository Services
  • Registrar and Transfer Agents activities
Fund management
  • Mutual fund operations and management
  • Portfolio management and analysis
  • Back office operations and accounting
Interbank solutions
  • Automated Clearing Houses
  • Central Bank Reporting
  • Settlement Systems
Delivery Channels
  • Internet
  • Call Center
  • Mobile / Telebanking / PDAs
  • ATMs/ Kiosks
  • Branch operations

TDS Migration Solution

TDS’ Migration solution is an integrated, end-to-end offering that covers capacity planning, effort estimation, actual migration, system testing and system administration. It includes proprietary tools and scripts to improve the efficiency and productivity of the end-to-end migration process. Our solution helps you develop a clear migration strategy and roadmap to enable safe and smooth transition to latest systems from Legacy systems

  • Pilot for migrating non-critical computation-intensive applications to latest platform and run them in parallel to assess performance
  • Test before moving the migrated applications to production
  • Consolidate your servers and migrate critical computation-intensive applications in a planned manner
  • Continually adopt new systems and migrate your applications
Feasibility Study Planning Execution Validation Migration
  • Identify candidates
    to migrate
  • Evaluate risks
  • Evaluate TCO Total
    cost of ownership
  • Evaluate tangible ROI
  • Define Details of
    tactical approach.
  • Define detailed
    task, steps,
    resources and
    time line
  • Security
  • Clustering
  • Complete Run -
    Fix Cycle
  • Port the
  • Integrate
  • Finalize Hardware
  • Complete Run -
    Fix Cycle
  • Application
  • Testing Tools
  • Debugging
  • Production
  • Migrate and
    Deploy on
  • Training & support
  • System

A critical element of the migration process is to identify the optimal starting point. While it’s essential to retain functionality and business logic, it’s equally important to ensure continuity of operations and customer service and mitigate operational risk. It requires a thorough understanding of various business processes, technologies, application portfolios and potential choke points in migration.

Electronic Bank Records

Digitizing paper files into electronic form may seem like a daunting task, regardless of the size of your organization. The amount of time saved with a more accurate process management produces an enormous amount of cost saving. TDS can help you to achieve these cost saving methodologies with our proven process

Field survey

The Field survey is critical to the success of a project. During the survey, we gather information about your documents such as the security level, volume, file structure, indexing criteria and the preparation required. Other items include color documents, oversized drawings, older faded documents, paper types and bindings such as staples, paper clips or binders. All of these components will factor into the cost of converting paper files into digital read-only images.

Process Enablers

Documents must be prepared for scanning prior to conversion. This process includes removing staples, paperclips and other bindings, straightening folded edges, identifying color documents, matching up leading edges, inserting bar-coded separator sheets and identifying documents that require special handling such as tissue paper, carbon paper or thick stock.


TDS uses commercial grade scanners from world leader like Xerox, Canon etc. Documents are scanned according to specific requirements such as data extraction, color or paper size and the ability to automate processes such as auto-length and multi-feed detection.  The document is converted to a read-only image in a TIFF, PDF, JPEG, GIF or BITMAP format.

Quality Control

Our quality control process ensures that images captured are legible, straight and complete.   The QC operator will identify and rescan documents that do not meet our requirements and send the acceptable images to validation.


Validation is the process of indexing or data entry.  Indexing is performed to create a database by which images will be later retrieved.  The validation process is comprised of either optical character recognition (OCR) or manual data entry.

Document Release

Digital documents are "released" from production and exported to a read-only format.  That destination could be a CD, DVD, a flash drive or an external hard drive. Our solution supports the indexing of all the scanned information.