Food & Beverage

Today’s food and beverage manufacturers face unparalleled quality, sustainability and compliance pressures .Being a leader in the food and beverage industry requires the ability to anticipate and exceed customer expectations, develop close supply chain partnerships, increase customer service levels, control costs and streamline operations. TDS understands these needs and has developed the solutions /services to address them.

Enabling operations excellence

Margins can be thin in the fast-paced food / beverage market and competition is fierce in the fight for shelf space. Brands and SKUs are proliferating, with a steady stream of new flavors and product variations entering the marketplace. Seasonality can have a huge impact on this market, both in terms of predicting demand and production planning. To win, companies must develop effective processes and enable these processes with user-friendly, integrated and powerful TDS solutions.

Building consumer confidence in product safety and quality

Heightened global consumer concerns about the quality of products are impacting the ability of manufactures to sell into new markets such as China. The inability to implement quality controls, to deploy validation processes, and to ensure consumers that products are safe will result in increased business failures.

Meeting the requirements of global compliance

September 11th changed the global rules for global commerce. Across the supply chain numerous compliance reporting requirements exist such as compliance reporting, product tracking and tracing requirements, proper transportation documents. and waste products reporting. TDS Enterprise Applications address these business concerns and help food and beverage manufacturers avoid significant fines and delays, resulting in loss of revenue and unhappy customers and consumers.

Supporting global sustainability initiatives

Major retailers and food service providers are mandating that manufacturers implement sustainability "Greening of the Globe" programs that take emissions out of the environment, save on natural resources and improve utilization of materials. TDS Enterprise Applications can help customers reduce packaging size, run trucks at full loads and run machines more effectively retailers to comply with these pressures.

Today's consumer recognizes the importance of safe and quality food. In order for manufacturers to move products from process to market among strict regulations, changing prices, and fluctuating demand, it is critical to integrate operations with cost-effective and beneficial practices. TDS- solution is built with dynamic functionality and developed specifically for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Because food safety issues can result in liabilities, TDS applications are focused on preventing hazards and identifying quality results. TDS solution leads you and your company in becoming more efficient with current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) by linking recipe formulization, inventory and expiration date management, FDA compliance, and traceable supply chain management into one comprehensive operation.

TDS specialized for Food and Beverage Manufacturers and advanced Business Intelligence tools enable you to effectively manage your people, your processes, and your margins. TDS automates your daily processes including accounting, financials, logistics, warehouse management, materials resource planning, and customer relationship management. The results are increased accuracy, raised productivity, and higher profitability for your business.


  • Cost Analysis
  • Yield Variances
  • Cradle-to-Grave Lot Tracking
  • Packaging Formulas
  • Process Control Device Imports
  • QC & Lab Equipment
  • cGMP
  • FDA Compliant
  • Recipe Based Manufacturing
  • Multiple Formulas
  • QC & Production Formulas
  • Materials Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Finite Capacity
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Unlimited Routing Steps