Globalization, technological dynamism and other modern challenges are driving a need for complex, collaborative government operations. Ageing populations, Economic slowdowns, Budget shortfalls and Security issues are adding difficulties. In facing these challenges, governments around the world are transforming how they work.

TDS has assisted government agencies in addressing these challenges by modernizing IT infrastructure, increasing operational responsiveness and resource utilization, and promoting accountability. With improved business processes and collaborative networks, governments can empower communities, citizens and staff with their products and services. TDS professional services group has rich experience in providing a platform for aggregating processes that can result in a global "real time" view, which enables Government to undertake e-governance initiatives.

TDS e-Government – solution architecture

TDS with its technology partnership as Ready Partner with Red Hat - JBoss and biometric product offering , has a highly secured e-Governance architecture.

TDS e-Government – solution architecture