Think SCM

"If you can’t model your business, you can’t be an e-business." AMR Research Alert on Manufacturing .

It is relatively easy to implement a system for promoting your products and accepting orders over the Internet, creating an on-line store, providing a virtual shopping cart and accepting payment is the least of your worries. Fulfilling those demands is another story. B2B is about establishing relationships and cooperation. Cooperation is having visibility into what your business and customers need and when they need it, what and when you can deliver and what your suppliers can do for you. This information is not static and you need a view over time. eBusiness demands a model of your supply chain that not only shows you: - the implications of changing markets; - forecast and actual demand patterns; - how changing cost and product mix How, where and when, you can best fulfill your customer's demands. ThinkSCM is about modeling your business and your relationships with your customers and suppliers. ThinkSCM is about planning and execution over the entire supply chain – fast enough to provide answers to real world problems in "real-time"

Synchronized planning with ThinkSCM

Think SCM provides a platform that function with synchronized planning across the supply chain of enterprise.

ThinkSCM suite consists of productized engine to meet the each segment of the supply chain requirements. ThinkSCM unique common data model provides a highly scalable solution from single location to aggregation across multi location..

ThinkSCM provides the ability to optimize from procurement process (Ware House Management) to Manufacturing (Factory Planner) to factory floor scheduling (Dynamic Scheduling) to Distribution (Transportation Management) to Retail (Retail Outlet management).

ThinkSCM is a unified collection of planning engines designed to determine and execute an optimum plan for a given set of constraints. At execution level Think SCM accepts demands and determines how, from where and when the demands can be satisfied. Once the plan is in place ThinkSCM delivers a detailed schedule to each production plant and can monitor and react to variances in the plan to ensure that your promises are met. At a strategic level ThinkSCM can help to determine a company’s long term policy, for example helping to determine the most profitable product mix and what resources are needed to meet global changing demand patterns. ThinkSCM’s ability to plan across mutiple facilities, synchronising source-make-deliver decisions throughout an enterprise. In addition ThinkSCM’s planning engines determine and coordinate all of the purchasing decisions, optimise for cost , optimise set-up time and transportation.

The Unique power of ThinkSCM is its integrated security modules with bio metrics that provides "Door to Desktop" security.