Continuation Re-engineering and Migration

TDS's Continuation Re-engineering solutions provide strategies, methodologies, techniques, and tools that help clients continue to re-engineer, rather than replace existing legacy systems to keep pace with evolving business and technology requirements. We combine our knowledge of client's business processes with sophisticated re-engineering tools to provide a highly flexible migration path to IT solutions of the future.

TDS can re-engineer all the architectural layers of your legacy systems including presentation layers, business logic, databases, and data. TDS's re-engineering solutions can migrate mainframe applications to distributed, client/server or Web-enabled systems, extract business rules, re-architect business rules as a set of reusable components, assist in moving from one mainframe system or database to another, and seamlessly integrate package solutions with the existing legacy systems. Our Re-engineering services include:

  • Legacy System Migration
  • Portal Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Database re-engineering/migration
  • Language migration
  • Operating Systems migration
  • Code restructuring
  • Performance optimization
  • Document generation

We have extensive experience in transitioning old systems to newer technologies. Our extensive experience in working with legacy systems, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of emerging e-business technologies, enables us to offer innovative Web-based solutions that leverage both the power of the Internet and the client's legacy environment. We offer several options to Web-enable existing legacy mainframe/client-server systems, including:

Re-engineering legacy systems into reusable components and wrapping those components under standard architectures that can be easily integrated with Web technologies

Re-designing legacy user interfaces into Web-based graphical user interfaces using techniques such as screen scraping Accessing legacy transactions from outside the mainframe and integrating them with Web-based solutions